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For Such a Time as This

Eric Reed



Paradox Peace*
Western Rebellion
Thelonigus (for Thelonious Monk and Charles Mingus)
Stella by Starlight*
It’s You or No One
Walltz (for Wallace Roney)
Come Sunday*
We Shall Overcome*
Make Me Better
The Break
Hymn of Faith*

* solo piano

About The Album

FOR MORE THAN THREE DECADES AS ONE OF THE MOST INFLUENTIAL AND BELOVED JAZZ MUSICIANS, Eric Reed has recorded close to 30 accomplished leader albums showcasing his virtuosic chops, intellectual clarity, unwavering will to swing, and ability to refract and coalesce a wide range of musical, spiritual, and personal influences into a single stream of consciousness. Perhaps the most personal of them all is For Such a Time as This. It is a powerful and uplifting program framed by the realities of global pandemic anxiety, persistent racism and racial injustice, and an acrimonious, fraught Presidential election season.

It was in Los Angeles in early 2020, when the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a city-wide shutdown, that Reed began to conceive For Such A Time As This to be recorded in L.A. with local musicians. By the end of June, he was ready and had assembled a gifted, young quartet to record a set of recently penned originals, carefully chosen standard, old chestnuts, and, as he has done regularly over the past 15 years, some restorative Gospel selections.

Assembled for this session, the group—drum virtuoso Kevin Kanner, Australia-born bassist Alex Boneham, tenor and soprano saxophonist Chris Lewis –nonetheless displays the chemistry of a long-established band. Reed’s original composition “Make Me Better,” is sung by the soulful Henry Jackson, who “puts a fine point on everything I’m hoping and wishing for –that I will be made better by this experience, and that I will encourage other people to be better as well.”

For Such a Time as This is available for purchase as an 8-panel CD-Deluxe Album complete with liner notes by Eric Reed and original photography by Keith Wilson, as a high resolution download, or on all major streaming services.


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