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The Third Decade

One for All

one for all the third decade


It’s Easy to Remember
Ghost Ride
For Curtis
K Ray
Hey, Stevie D

About The Album

AT A TIME WHEN JAZZ BANDLEADERS from across the musical and generational spectrums regularly lament the difficulty of keeping a band together, it’s all the more remarkable that a supergroup like One For All has stuck it out for twenty years. But this impeccably swinging sextet, made up of some of the most in-demand players in modern jazz, is not just celebrating past achieve-ments but charging forward into the future. Their new recording, The Third Decade, marks the dawn of the band’s next chapter.

Their 16th release, The Third Decade, is its first in five years and the first in its history to feature original compositions by all six members. The Third Decade, due out June 3 via Smoke Sessions Records, brings together once again tenor saxophonist Eric Alexander, trumpeter Jim Rotondi, trombonist Steve Davis, pianist David Hazeltine, bassist John Webber, and drummer Joe Farnsworth. As always, the fiery and soulful musicianship is only match-ed by the warmth and spirit that results from a lifetime of musical friendships.


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