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The Time Is Now

David Hazeltine

David Hazeltine THE TIME IS NOW_Cover WEB


The Time is Now
The Odd Couple
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Cabin in the Sky
Blues for Eddie
Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
When I’m Here with You
The Parlayer
In a Sentimental Mood
Muse of Montgomery

About The Album

THE TIME IS NOW, FINDS DAVID HAZELTINE, ONE OF THE TOP PIANISTS OF HIS GENERATION, forging an impeccably swinging partnership with two other masters: bassist Ron Carter and drummer Al Foster.

These men all come directly from the straight-ahead jazz tradition; though Hazeltine is a half a generation younger than his two bandmates, he spent many years working with such giants of the music as Sonny Stitt, Chet Baker, Eddie Harris, and Buddy
Montgomery. He’s since become one of the leading torchbearers for that estimable standard, both on his own and through his work with the swinging super-group One For All. His efforts have made him one of the most-streamed straight-ahead jazz artists alive today, and he’s passing his knowledge onto new generations through his teaching,
clinics and online workshops.

“I wanted to do something new and push myself out of my comfort zone when composing and arranging for this recording,” he says. “I’d never recorded trio with Ron and Al and I knew that I wanted the music to be above all beautiful, swinging, and
harmonically interesting, yet not overly arranged. That would allow the three of us to do what we do best: creating and improvising on a framework.” Hearing these three masterful musicians conversing together, one may regret that it hasn’t happened sooner, or more often. But in the hands of such visionary and skilled artists, The Time Is Now is a notion that’s always true – no matter the time.


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