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Written in the Rocks

Renee Rosnes



The KT Boundary
So Simple a Beginning
Lucy from Afar
Written in the Rocks
Deep in the Blue (Tiktaalik)
Cambrian Explosion
From Here to a Star
Goodbye Mumbai

About The Album

PIANIST/COMPOSER RENEE ROSNES TAKES AN INTIMATE LOOK at the wondrous sweep of the natural world on Written in the Rocks, her new album built around an ambitious new suite inspired by the evolution of life on Earth. A sense of discovery lies at the core of “The Galapagos Suite,” which makes up the bulk of the recording and is named for the island chain that inspired Darwin’s theory of evolution. From the origins of life in the ocean billions of years ago through the unearthing of the human ancestor known as “Lucy” to the recent discovery of Tiktaalik, one of the earliest animals to venture out of the sea and onto the land, the progress of evolution and our own ever-evolving understanding of it, serves to inspire Rosnes’ compositional mind. Discovery is also a key element of the music created by Rosnes and her bandmates. Saxophonist and flutist Steve Wilson, vibraphonist Steve Nelson, bassist Peter Washington and drummer Bill Stewart excavate the riches and mysteries from the pianist’s gorgeous, densely layered compositions. “All of us have personal and musical relationships that have been growing for decades,” Rosnes says. “As a band, we’ve developed a focused sound with a wide and nuanced palette of colors and rhythms. We play off of each other.”


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